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Why Choose Me?

why choose us

Ioffer an array of services to help you with graduate school applications. My goal is to deliver thoughtful, proven advice that will boost your chances of landing that coveted acceptance letter. I know what it takes to get into top schools, having been accepted and attended some of the nation's most selective universities. And I read every submissions carefully, treating it as if it were my own. It's that simple.

Reasons Why Clients Choose Me

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I have first hand experience getting into top schools: I know what it takes to get accepted. I hold degrees from Ivy League institutions including Harvard University and have been admitted to a wide variety of programs.

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I treat you as an individual: Where other consultants offer generic advice, I review each submission individually, taking into account your specific circumstances and objectives.

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I give your application the time it deserves: I review each application carefully and thoughtfully. I believe that a strong application is the product of reflection, time, and effort, and take my responsibility seriously.

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I work with all types of applicants: I have a broad perspective advising applicants across programs and disciplines and use my knowledge of what works and doesn't to help you.

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I keep your submissions 100% confidential: I know that any work that you submit is sensitive. For this reason, I never share my clients' names or work with outside parties. Period.

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I keep my prices transparent and affordable: Compared to other services, my prices are reasonable and clearly stated upfront. You won't have any surprises.

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I deliver my service quickly: My turnaround time is 5 calendar days (and often less) so that you can receive timely feedback on your application.





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