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Master's vs. PhD: How to Choose Your Graduate Degree
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master's vs. phd

Choosing among the master's, doctorate, and postbaccalaureate programs is one of the most important academic decision that you'll make. Picking one program over another will (likely) open up a different set of opportunities. If you aim too high and apply to a master's or doctorate program when you're not ready, it can mean having to wait a year to re-apply. If you aim too low, on the other hand, you'll end up wasting a lot of money on a postbac or master's that you didn't need.

To help you make the right decision regarding a master's vs. PhD, or postbac, we've put together a nifty decision tree. Simply follow the branches from top to bottom to see what program makes sense for you. Of course, there are idiosyncratic differences among disciplines, so this tool is just that – a tool! You'll also need to think about your own background, circumstances, program characteristics, and a bunch of other factors. But for now, take a look below!

Decision Tree: Master's vs. PhD (and Postbac)

master's vs. phd decision tree





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