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Grad School Writing Resources: Learn How to Write Well

grad school witing resources

Knowing not just what but how to write is at the heart of great writing. There are many resources that offer advice on writing at the university level, but two stand out above the rest: The Online Writing Lab (OWL) at Purdue University and the Writing Center at The Universtity of North Carolina (UNC) at Chapel Hill.

Not sure how to organize your paper, support your argument, use colons versus semicolons, or apply gender-inclusive language? Head over to these excellent resources.

us news Purdue University OWL

The Purdue OWL is perhaps the best known online resource for academic writers. You can find excellent advice on the writing process, academic writing, common writing assignments, syntax mechanics, grammar, punctuation, graduate school appliations, and more. This is my go-to resource when I have a question related to writing, and I highly encourage you to examine its contents.

national research council UNC Chapel Hill Writing Center

UNC Chapel Hill's Writing Center is another excellent resource, with information on writing papers, citation, style, sentence-level concerns, writing assignments, and writing for specific fields like anthropology or philosophy. While some of the content overlaps with the Purdue OWL, much of it is unique -- plus, I find that having the same concept explaind twice is quite helpful in understanding it.

A Writer's Reference by Hacker and Sommers

This is one of the most popular handbooks for academic writers, laying out the rules of grammar and punctuation, as well as techniques related to the writing process. The information covers similar material as the online resources but in greater depth (as you would expect from a 500+ page book). If you want a reference book to put on your shelf, this is a good choice. Look out for the latest edition, or consider buying the previous edition at a discount.





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