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Grad School Application Review: Get the Help You Need!

grad school application review

Ioffer a range of personalized services to help you get accepted to your target schools. I offer two types of services, depending on where you are in the application process: (1) Skype sessions and (2) application review.

(1) Skype sessions. These conversations, lasting 30 minutes, are designed to help you resolve any questions that you have before, during, or after submitting your applications. Issues that I've helped with in the past include: Is graduate school right for me? What schools should I apply to? What is my "story," and how can I represent it effectively to the admissions committee in my personal statement? What writing sample is most appropriate? What can I expect in the interview?

(2) Application review. I should start by saying that I don't write your personal statement or writing sample for you, as this is unethical. What I do offer is feedback addressing the three building blocks of effective writing: content, style, and organization. Here's what happens -- after reading your materials, I write a reaction (typically one half to full page in length) containing my feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of your application. I then go back into your application and insert targeted comments that higlight specific places in your writing that could be improved. For example, I might insert a comment after a convoluted sentence encouraging you to write plainly; or I might point out a recurring grammatical error; I might suggest that you expand or cut down certain ideas; or I might propose a new way to organize your entire essay. Please note that I don't typically re-write your sentences or provide line-by-line editing, but rather offer suggestions and pose questions to help you along. At the end of the day, you'll have to work hard to perfect your application materials.

Before sending me your application materials, please read my tips on how to write a personal statement and how to prepare your writing sample.

If you have questions, email me: giuliorocca at gradschoolheaven dot com

"Giulio provided me with invaluable counseling and advice with the admissions process from start to finish. Thanks to him, I was admitted into an Ivy League school and the top program of my choice." -Janis

"Giulio was awesome! I never would have broken into the Ivy League without his advice and tutelage." -Nicole

"I was struggling with my personal statement and writing sample when I turned to Giulio for help. His comments were specific and thoughtful and I was able to tell my story better. Recommended." -Alena

grad school application review services

All documents remain 100% confidential and will absolutely not be shared with anyone.

Warning* * * At this time, I am not accepting new clients. In the meantime, please consult the web site's resources, and check back in a couple weeks for availability. Thank you. * * *





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