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Frequently Asked Questions

arrow How do I know that you're qualified to help me?

I have first hand experience getting into top schools. I know what it takes to get accepted. I hold degrees from Ivy League schools and have a deep understanding of the graduate admissions process.

arrow How do I know that I'll receive a good service?

I treat every application as if it were our own. I don't take shortcuts and don't recycle advice. I'm protective about my reputation, and it's my goal to help others achieve their educational goals.

arrow Why should I spend hundreds of dollars on your service?

Your graduate education will affect the rest of your life, so it's important to get help if you need it. You can seek advice from professors, brainy friends, and other people in your life -- but if that isn't enough, I'm happy to offer my own critique.

arrow Why should I pay you to critique my essays when I could pay someone else to write my essays from scratch?

It's unethical and against the academic code of conduct to submit work that isn't your own. But even if you want to take risk, it's a bad idea to hire someone else to write your essays. The strongest applications are always self-written. Only you have a full view of your life experience and how your application fits together.

arrow After I receive your comments, can I email you with questions?

Absolutely. If anything isn't clear, it's my responsibility to clarify it.





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