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A Little Bit About Grad School Heaven

Giulio Rocca

In 2011, I founded Grad School Heaven as an online resource for people applying to graduate school. After attending three schools – Harvard University (M.B.A.), the University of Hawaii at Manoa (M.A. English), and the University of Pennsylvania (B.S. Economics) – I wanted to share what I had learned about the admissions process. I set out to establish an online resource with the opinion that information and advice should be clear, complete, and based on first-hand experience.

My mission is to make it easy for applicants to learn about graduate school, select programs, and intelligently navigate the application process. Please take the time to explore the various sections of this web site and, if you need a helping hand, I'd be glad to work with you to strengthen your application.

If you want to get in touch regarding a news story or other opportunities, please email me: giuliorocca at gradschoolheaven dot com

Happy trails,
Giulio Rocca

problems Here Were The Problems That I Saw...

From personal experience applying to graduate school, I knew that the existing ecosystem of online resources was imperfect. In many cases, instead of demystifying the application process, these resources made it more confusing. So I went back and catalogued all the things that were substandard. When I was finished, I had identified four major sources of frustration:


Lack of clarity: I couldn't find the information and advice I was looking for spelled out in plain English.


Lack of completeness: I couldn't find a resource that had everything I needed, making me waste lots of time surfing the web.


Lack of experience: I found little evidence that authors had first hand experience getting into top schools, so why listen to their advice?


Lack of affordable services: I wanted a second set of expert, affordable eyes to review my application but couldn't find any.

fix ...And What I Did About It

The solution, in my mind, was to launch a new platform that addressed these issues. I wanted to make it simple to find information and advice that was clear, complete, and based on first-hand experience. Plus, I wanted to offer personalized services to help applicants with their applications in an ethical and responsible manner. And so Grad School Heaven was born!





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